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I currently live in Vancouver and focus on problems at the intersection of business and computer science. I hold a bachelor in commerce (entrepreneurship stream) and a bachelor in computer science (machine learning stream) at the University of British-Columbia.

My last start-up leveraged data federation and federated learning principles to automate an area of the procurement process at large organisations. The project was sold as a vendor management software(SAAS). I learned immensely about product engineering and software sales strategy.

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MailIt is a globally available email campaign service designed for HSBC to decentralise batch campaigns to each division.

1) Each department can design, target and send their own email campaigns without reliance on IT department.

2) Each department can measure their campaign effectiveness using accept, open and click rate.

3) Serverless application built to scale and to globalise easily with AWS Amplify, Cognito, CloudWatch, IAM, API Gateway, Lambda, SNS, DynamoDB, S3, and SES.


Tix fosters convenience, efficiency and monetization of digital event tickets

1) Ensures event promoters and artists capture a percentage(or totality) of ticket resale profits. The back-end is completely programmed in Motoko using the Dfinity smart contract stack.

2) Allows artists to directly raise money with futures token, NFTs and collectibles. NFT minting is standardized to ERC1155 multi-token extension also in Motoko.

3) Gives full ownership to ticket holders, so that they can buy, sell and trade assets securely worldwide on 7-node consensus.


Mind Theory is a virtual health care web platform that connects mental health counsellors with clients.

1) Clients can search counsellor profiles by keyword, book appointments and meet via video conference.

2) Mental health counsellors can manage their entire practice by uploading profile pictures, describing their offerings, sharing promotional pictures, receiving appointment booking, processing payment and more.

3) Clients and counsellors have access to a free personalised account where they can manage bookings, store documents and connect via video conference.


Supply Network


Designed a vendor management software by balancing client’s engineering requirements, user stories and budget. Contacted ~150 Can/US companies, secured purchase intent letters and built corporate website. Programmed in Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Amazon S3, balsamic, IBM GaianDB data federation

Qulliq Energy Corporation

Equipment Technician assigned to 13 power plants throughout Nunavut

Maintained 99.8% power reliability by helping team beyond expected hours, phone troubleshooting and fly-ins. Prevented blackout for 1600 residents by proactively investigating a data anomaly and solving the problem overnight

Komatsu America Corp

Equipment Technician assigned to 12 mine sites throughout Western Canad

Trained clients’ employees on procedures, advised process improvements and communicated across several teams. Saved one client $64K in revenue loss by digitally troubleshooting unexpected mining truck shutdown


University of British-Columbia

Expected graduation: May 2021

Bachelor of Computer Science, Machine Learning stream

I was involved mostly in the Blockchain@UBC Research & Institute and e@UBC startup accelerator. Aside from the project featured above, I Learned Java, C++, C, Python, PyTorch, PyCharm, Jupyter, and used libraries such as scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, pillow, mask-rcnn and so much more!

University of British-Columbia

September 2014 - May 2018

Bachelor of Commerce, Entrepreneurship stream

I was involved mostly in the Sauder Philanthropy Program and Strategy Consulting Mentorship Program(SCMP). Among other things, I enjoyed learning Economics and Finance of Entrepreneurship, New Product Development and Corporate Law


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